I remember why I wanted to become a farmer…

Attempting to set this website up quickly reminded me of one of the main reasons I wanted to become a full-time farmer and skilled tradesman; technology and I do not get along. It’s funny to think that 5 years ago I was dead set on going to college for computer engineering. I used to be great with technology. “Used” being the operative word in that sentence.

Even though technology and I may not get along quite as well as we used to, I’m determined to bring my customers and followers an interactive website focused on food, animals, gardens, and the process of learning how to produce food for you and your family. By no means am I an expert on these subjects, but I have learned quite a bit along the way and would love to share my knowledge with other interested parties. I’ve found the easiest way to learn about that which you don’t understand is to simply ask questions and participate in conversations surrounding those topics. The more you discuss, the more you absorb.

I won’t always be posting several times a week, but as I’m getting the ball rolling with the website I’ll have a lot to update people on. There’s quite a bit on my plate already and I just keep piling on more. I, for one, can’t wait for the adventure of updating the website and continuing my local food journey.

So please, come along on this journey. Check back in shortly, refer a friend, and continue living life well.


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