Where We Are Located

Our farmstead is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just southwest of Longmont, Colorado. We are conveniently 10 minutes from downtown Longmont and 20 minutes from downtown Boulder. Visit the contact page or farm tours page to learn about how you can schedule a visit to the farm.

What We Do

We lovingly raise a variety of breeds of chickens who free-range in the pasture around our farm house. These chickens roam the property and find the best spots for shade and scratching for bugs. They really live the best life they could be. In addition to our chickens, we have a small flock of free ranging ducks. Our ducks enjoy the ditch outside our house and do a fantastic job eating the mosquito larvae and keeping the bug count low along the ditch. They also like to find shade amongst the large cottonwood trees lining the ditch. All of our birds are fed an occasional snack of mealworms that we raise on the farm. This is a tasty protein supplement for them and the act of spreading them acts as an enrichment for the birds. Having to seek out and find the bugs we spread for them in the field teaches them that they should always be looking for bugs in the grass.

In addition to our poultry and waterfowl systems, we also run a pastured pork system. The breed of pig we raise is called the American Guinea Hog. This is one of the oldest domesticated pigs in the United States and we are proud to be furthering their lineage. They are smaller than commercial breeds of pigs and have shorter snouts. This means that instead of rooting up and plowing the fields we put them on, they just gently graze upon the grass in their paddock. Our 3 sowes and all of our feeder pigs live with constant access to a shade structure and wallow (mud pit). During the day they’re let out into a large grass pasture that is rotated weekly. During the night they live in the hard fenced structure where their wallow and shade structure is. This protects them from predators and gives us peace of mind at night while we rest up for the next day’s work.




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