Volunteer Information

While we are a small farm and just kicking into gear, we do occasionally  offer on and off farm volunteer opportunities.

For on-farm volunteer opportunities, please apply by submitting a brief biography and resumé to dunlapda12@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you and discover how we may fit into your local agriculture adventure.

For off-farm volunteer opportunities, please email Daniel at dunlapda12@gmail.com or call at 321.438.6618. Introduce yourself and I’m sure we can find a suitable volunteer job for you. From helping with weeding to doing infrastructure work, we love having people learn alongside us.

What constitutes On vs. Off  farm?

An on-farm volunteer is someone who is looking for room & board in return for farm work. Ideally this would be a person who’s willing to stay for a two weeks or more to complete any of the various large projects around the farm. Hours are flexible and are arranged on a by-case basis, but typically on-farm volunteers spend 25-30 hours a week working on the farm, with the rest of the time being free to explore what Boulder and Colorado as a whole have to offer. Contact us by email with a brief biography and resumé and we can discuss how Bluebird Sky Farmstead may play a role in your journey through local and sustainable agriculture.

An off-farm volunteer is someone local to the Boulder County area looking to help a small farm make an impact on our environment and food system. Off-farm volunteer opportunities can consist of anything from weeding the garden to helping butcher chickens. Typically off-farm volunteers are paid with a family meal after work or a share of produce and eggs. If you’re a really great worker, you may even get both! Email or call us today to let us know what aspect of our farm you’re interested in learning more about and volunteering for.

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