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Efficiency, Patience, and Hope For a Better Tomorrow

Recently, we’ve been focusing on increasing our efficiency as farmers. This season, we fell into the busiest time of the year pretty quickly and maybe, possibly, we were a bit unprepared. But it’s almost impossible to be fully prepared for something you’ve never done on your own farm before. Almost every single step of farmingContinue reading “Efficiency, Patience, and Hope For a Better Tomorrow”

Mid-October Update

What a crazy month it’s been. We had super windy days, a new owl hanging out on the porch, and piglets, to name a few things. Most of you interact with our farm through our egg sales, and things are changing there. Our girls are all the same age, meaning they molt together. When chickensContinue reading “Mid-October Update”


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About the Farmer’s Journal

This journal will serve as the section of our website where your favorite farmers can share whats been going on at the farmstead and keep y’all up to date. Sometimes you may even learn a thing or two as we delve into topics pertaining to what we do here on Bluebird Sky Farmstead.

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