Pasture Raised Pork
Available by the cut or via our Pork Share CSA

Our pasture raised pork is regeneratively pastured at our home farm in Longmont. Our pigs live under the sun and on pasture 365 days a year. We raise American Guinea Hogs, an old breed of homesteading pig who are known for their short snouts and docile temperament. They don’t root up the land, allowing for them to be a “truly pastured” pig since they’ll actually graze on grass similarly to a ruminant.

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our chickens are allowed to roam freely on our 30 acre farm. They find shade where they want, pick at bugs in the pasture, and sip water from the ditch (when it’s running that is). They are also fed a high quality feed purchased from a local feed store. We believe letting our birds spread their wings and scratch in the dirt produces a superior egg which is a tastier and healthier product for you, the consumer!

Free Range Duck Eggs

Our ducks have the ability to free range wherever they want on the farm. They typically choose to either play in the ditch and eat the various water bugs or they hang out in the shade of one of the large cottonwood trees on our farm. A duck egg is a bit bigger than a chicken egg, roughly 1.5x the size. They are also typically higher in fat content, Omega-3s, and protein than their chicken counterparts. This makes them great for baking! Duck laying varies throughout the year, so we may not have any available when you order (especially in winter). Don’t worry! We will reach out if you order when quantities are low and get you on a list for some delicious eggs as soon as the ducks provide them.

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