Products that Bluebird Sky sells include truly pastured pork, pastured chicken eggs, truly free-range duck eggs, and a variety of poultry meat products: chicken, duck, and turkey. Please peruse each product’s individual page to learn more about how to order, how we raise our products, and what the desired effect of them being on our farm is.

Please keep in mind that we are a small, multi-species livestock farm, not a grocery store. What we mean by that is we are unable to stock everything we sell all the time. There is a seasonality to eggs and meat products that most consumers now-a-days are unfamiliar with due to the stranglehold commercial agriculture has on our food system. The reality of the matter is that here, in Colorado, we can only raise meat birds the way we do for half of the year. This means we sell out of poultry very quickly. Many folks are also unaware that chickens will slow down their laying in the winter due to the colder temperatures and lower light levels. This means we don’t always have duck eggs or chicken eggs available.

The best way to hear about new product launches is via our newsletter. Newsletter recipients have first access to poultry orders and handmade goods. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

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