Pastured Chicken Eggs

Pastured Chicken Eggs: $7/dozen

Small Pastured Eggs: $5/dozen (when available)

How to Get Eggs Directly from the Farm

There is a self-serve fridge located on the porch of our farmhouse that customers are free to utilize during daylight hours any day of the week. Our farmhouse is located at 5977 Nelson Road, Longmont CO 80503. We accept payment via cash, check, or venmo at the farmstand. Payment info can be found next to the fridge on the porch.

Where Else You Can Find Our Eggs

Aside from picking up eggs at the farm, there are a few other places you can find our eggs during the spring, summer, and early fall. Our partners for eggs include a booth at Speedwell Farm and Gardens’ CSA market, CSA add-on and market at Growing Gardens, and a booth (in 2022) at the Broomfield Farmers Market. Denver customers can occasionally order our eggs for delivery via Pinemelon online market.

As we figure out our plan for 2023, this page will be updated with seasonal availability with our variety of partners. We encourage you to patronize our partners CSAs when possible and hope to see you at nearby markets next season! For now, in the 2022-2023 winter, the best way to get eggs from us is to visit the farm and purchase them directly from us.

How We Raise Chickens at Bluebird Sky

Our chickens are raised in a rotational grazing system. They have a permanent coop on a trailer that moves with them. This is where they go at night for safety and where their egg boxes are located. They stay in a 50’x100’ paddock to control what area of land they’re scratching up and fertilizing. This paddock shifts once a week, giving them access to new areas to forage. If you drive by on Nelson road, you might be able to spot one of our coops in a field just west of 63rd street on the north side of the road. Wave to them if you see them!

We raise a variety of breeds of chickens striving to get breeds that can deal with our cold winters and hot summers while maintaining a variety of colored eggs. They scratch and forage in their paddocks during daylight hours all days of the year. This results in an egg rich in flavor and with a dark yolk. Our chickens are fed a maintenance ration of chicken feed, but it’s amazing the amount of seeds, grass, weeds, and most importantly, bugs, they find. We rely on that to be a large supplement to their feed intake. They are also fed spent brewers grain as available. Fresh water and shade are always available to them as well.

We feel it’s important for our chickens to be able to express their “chickenness” and scratch and root around in soil under the sun. You can tell we have happy chickens because they aren’t afraid of people at all and will, in fact, run towards people when they see you coming; they’re expecting some sort of treat. As with all our farm endeavors, we encourage our customers to come out to the farm to see for themselves how our animals are raised!  

What Our Chickens Do For Us

Our chickens are a key part of our regenerative plan. Not only do they supply us with delicious eggs, but they help improve the health of our pasture while they’re doing it. As chickens scratch in the soil looking for bugs, they unearth the latent seeds trapped beneath the soil compaction. The pasture they work in most frequently laid fallow for 15-20 years before we started bringing chickens across it in 2019. We’re already seeing the benefit the chickens are having on the land. What were once barren spots now have native grasses sprouting to compete with the smooth brome that dominates most of our farm.

In addition to opening up that seed bed for future germination, the laying hens produce a lot of manure and urine in the week they spend in each paddock. This fertilizer helps the pasture recover quicker and healthier in the future. Inside the coop is a hay bedding under their laying boxes and roosting bars. Once a month this bedding is removed and used to produce a high quality compost for use in our farmstead garden.

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