Free Range Duck Eggs

How to Get Eggs Directly from the Farm

When we have a surplus of duck eggs, some will be available from the self-serve fridge located on our farmhouse porch at 5977 Nelson Rd, Longmont CO 80503. To be guaranteed duck eggs when you arrive, you must email us at to arrange a time to pick up. Depending on availability, it may take a few days for your order to be ready.

Please be patient with us. Duck eggs are a seasonal product and we don’t attempt to force our ducks out of their natural rhythm to produce when they aren’t meant to.

How We Raise Ducks at Bluebird Sky

The ducks at Bluebird Sky Farmstead are 100% free range. They typically choose to spend their time loitering around the farmhouse or exploring the irrigation ditches. You’re almost guaranteed to run into them if you stop by the farm.

They are fed small portions of a commercial duck feed daily to maintain their micronutrients, but we rely on them to forage for quite a bit of their extra protein. There are plenty of bugs around and they happily spend their days waddling around the farm in search of their next big bug or larva cache.

Whenever a mama duck decides she wants to sit on a clutch of eggs to hatch, we oblige her after moving her to a safe space. About half of the ducks that we now have at Bluebird Sky were born on the farm.

What Our Ducks Do for Us

Interestingly enough, ducks first came to Bluebird Sky Farmstead as a working animal. In 2018, the mosquitoes on the farmstead were so bad that we couldn’t even enjoy dinners outside at the height of the season. By a happening of circumstances, Danny learned about how some farms use ducks to manage mosquito populations. Ducks will eat both adult mosquitoes as well as their larvae. The plan was hatched and Bluebird Sky welcomed their first ducklings in the Spring of 2019. Since then, there has been a noticeable decrease in the presence of mosquitoes around the farmhouse where the ducks like to forage. It wasn’t until they started laying that we discovered how magical of a line of work we stumbled into.

In addition to being stone-cold mosquito huntresses, the ducks will also forage for slugs and snails that are harmful to our garden. They can even be known to eat grasshoppers, keeping our pasture around the house healthier.

We will more than likely never have a huge flock of ducks at Bluebird Sky as they require special care year round compared to chickens. But we are really glad to have our little flock helping out around the farm and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon!

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