Regenerative Pork Share CSA

By joining our regenerative pork share CSA you’re helping a small livestock farm fight climate change at the grassroots level through rotational grazing, carbon sequestration, and responsible land stewardship.

Regenerative CSA Start-Up Fee

When you first join our Regenerative CSA via our pork share program, there’s a $15 start up fee. This fee represents your commitment to the CSA program and partial ownership of the pigs in our drove.

Regenerative CSA Contribution Add-On:

If you’d like to further support what we do over here at Bluebird Sky Farmstead, you can feel free to pay an additional contribution with each pork share, knowing that every dollar given helps us steward our land even better and support our community. We realize not everyone in our community is able to afford our prices and every year we strive to donate as much meat as possible to those in need. Any additional contributions to the CSA will help us further this goal and subsidize the cost that we take on when we make donations.

Pork Share Program Details

$25 4 meals worth for 1 person 
Example: 1 pack of 2 pork chops and 1 pound of chorizo

$45 4 meals worth for 2 people
Example: 1 pack of 2 pork chops, 1 pound of green chile sausage (not linked), 1 pack of spare ribs, 1 ham hock

$80 4 meals worth for 4 people
Example: 2 packs of pork chops, 2 pounds of chorizo sausage (not linked) , 2 packs of spare ribs, 1 rib roast

Your pork share every other week will rotate between cuts but it will always include a hand-curated list of a recipe or two for each cut included in your CSA. We’re hoping this allows you to try more cuts of pork and get creative in the kitchen! We realize that not everyone eats 2 meals of pork in a week, so if you ever need to pause or downgrade your CSA level for a delivery, let us know! 

After joining the program, your first pick up or delivery will be whenever the next bi-week is for the rest of our CSA program. This waiting period will be between 1-13 days depending on when you happen to sign up in relation to  our CSA day. Our first CSA pick up and delivery dates will be on September 8th and 9th, 2022.

Please note that cured, smoked bacon and organ meat are not included in bi-weekly pork shares but are available as additional add-ons for $13 per share or $5 per share respectively.

Pick-Up Details: There are two options for receiving your pork share every other week.

1. Pick up at our farm on Thursday afternoon between the hours of 3:30pm-6:30pm. Our farm is located at 5977 Nelson Road Longmont, CO 80503. We’re conveniently located 20 minutes from downtown Boulder, 15 minutes from downtown Longmont, and 15 minutes from downtown Lyons. 2. Delivery on Friday afternoon within 15 miles of our farm (look up the directions to 5977 Nelson Road to see if you’re in our delivery range) for an additional $7.50 delivery charge. CSA members are responsible for leaving a cooler outside for us to put your pork share into.

Benefits to joining our Regenerative CSA:

  • Delicious, regeneratively raised pork delivered straight to your door or picked up at the farm on which the pigs were raised every other week
  • Knowing that you’re helping a small farm and young farming couple who cares about the land that they steward make a difference
  • Our pork share represents a several dollar discount per pound to our cut list prices as a thank you to repeat customers
  • 10% off additional cuts (email us anytime to add on to your next pork share)
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