Purchasing Directly from the Farm

We offer our chicken and duck eggs for sale from our farm home patio daily. Reach out to us via any of the methods on the contact page to get the address for pickup! Please note that as we enter the winter months, we won’t have quite as many eggs

Spring and Summer Egg Deliveries

During the Spring and Summer months, Danny will do weekly egg deliveries to Boulder and Longmont. Unfortunately, deliveries have ended for the 2020 season but we look forward to serving you again in 2021! We expect deliveries to start again in March.

The way our deliveries will work going into the new season is our very own form of a CSA (consumer supported agriculture). You’ll order a set number of dozen eggs per week and pay for all of your eggs up front at the beginning of the month. The reason we’re switching to this method is three-fold: it allows us to set up our delivery route, it allows us to know exactly how many eggs we need to clean on the day of delivery, and finally it gives us a chunk of money at the beginning of each month to ration out for both the chicken’s and the farmer’s food. The ordering method will be via a form on this page. It will send your monthly order directly to our email and we will reach out to you to confirm and arrange collection of payment.

Bluebird Buyer’s Club

Details will be released soon for our Bluebird Buyer’s Club which will give its members access to purchasing our delicious pastured pork. This is a unique sort of club where your annual membership fee will give you partial ownership of the animals who reside at Bluebird Sky Farmstead. It also allows us to sell you fine folks meat which has been processed on our own farm by your farmers, Annaliese and Danny. Eventually we’ll be able to offer our members soaps, raw butter, stewing hens, rabbits, and more!

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