The Bluebirds

Andy and Kristy Piecuch

Kristy and Andy are the property owners of Bluebird Sky Farmstead. I’m sure they’ll hate us for giving them a big, public thank you and I love you, but what the heck, they deserve it. Thanks, Kristy and Andy for believing in our dreams and supporting us in any way possible. We love you more than you know. Local agriculture couldn’t thrive without great supporters like you.

The Farm Dogs

Our farm dogs, Ulla, Ghost, and Caz (pictured left to right), are our constant companions while working outside on the farmstead. They (kind of) guard the farm house and provide us with lots of therapy snuggles. We feel it’d be a misrepresentation of the farm to not give them a shoutout!

York Mandeville

York is one of Bluebird Sky’s biggest supporters. Not only did he teach Danny much of what he knows about farming, but he’s worked tirelessly helping us get the infrastructure put in that we need to make our farm systems run smoothly. We’ll always be grateful when we get him on the farm to work for a day. Thanks for everything, York!

Charles McClaren

Charles is Annaliese’s cousin and has spent much of the 2020 season with us as our first intern. Joining us from Montana, this is Charles’ first time on a small farm like ours. He’s been helping put in gates and fences, tend the garden, take care of animal chores, and helping to build our new mobile chicken coop. He’s also getting a bit of experience taking care of goats at Annaliese’s day job. We’re glad to have you out here helping us Charles!

Stephan and Kathleen Danckers

Annaliese’s parents donated money this Spring for us to start a micro-orchard on the farm! We were able to buy a peach tree, two apple trees, and a tart cherry tree from The Flower Bin in Longmont. The trees have thrived and even given us fruit this year! Stephan and Kitty support her in every endeavor, even coming out to the farm during the summer to do a week of work on the chicken coop.

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